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How we’re helping put customers at the heart of their strategy

Like many automotive retailers, ŠKODA’s marketing revolved around product launches. But they recognised this ‘push’ strategy was no longer the most effective approach. Changes in the way people research and buy cars, coupled with high levels of customer advocacy, presented an opportunity for a change in direction.

A customer strategy that nudges people to buy

So in 2011 – in addition to the digital and direct work we already had – ais London was appointed to work on all their CRM and social marketing activity. So we could create an integrated strategy transforming ŠKODA from a product-led to a customer-led business.

What we’ve developed is an end-to-end strategy which knits all these disciplines together with the aim of nudging customers to buy a ŠKODA, again and again.

The thing that unites ŠKODA drivers, young and old, is that they value an experience with a car brand that puts them first.

Our communications build on this, giving both prospective and existing customers an experience centred around them, encompassing the entire journey across all direct channels including ŠKODA’s social properties.

Such a personal approach requires data. Which is why a key part of our relationship has been in assisting ŠKODA with the development of a fit-for-purpose marketing database. Now in place, our next challenge is to start mining and interpreting behavioural data across the whole customer journey. An ongoing task crucial to the performance of a truly joined-up customer experience that delivers.

The results

It's still early days for this customer-led approach with initial communications only just reaching our customers.

But to ensure we can effectively gauge the impact of our strategy on the bottom line, we've designed the customer experience and the reporting structure to support it in such a way that we can measure a customer right throughout the sales journey.
And now we're even working on how we can track sales through social media.