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How we helped EDF Energy stand out for the right reasons

The energy market has never been known for putting customers first. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a sector in greater need of an overhaul when it comes to customer strategy. In the minds of the public, all energy companies are the same. Out to profit at their expense and slow to make changes.

But what if one was to act differently?

A Better Energy company

EDF Energy’s opportunity was to stand out by righting these wrongs. Doing the opposite of what people expected presented opportunities to interact with customers in a way no competitor had achieved.

After extensive research into people’s perceptions of, and challenges to, the energy market, we worked with EDF Energy to devise a customer-focused strategy underpinned by a number of ‘hero’ propositions. Each designed to address a consumer challenge.

One was EDF Energy Thank yous. Almost the last thing people expected an energy company to do was actually say ‘thank you’. It was the simplest, most human act, the very least we could do. Thank yous became core to our customer strategy. Our way of giving something back and an opportunity to talk in an interesting way, month in, month out.

The results

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) which was a staggering 28 points higher amongst customers engaged with the Thank yous programme versus the rest of the base. In a commodity category with limited loyalty – driven at best by price, at worse by inertia – it was a result that proved EDF Energy was changing its relationship with its customers for the better.