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How we helped EDF Energy build a direct marketing acquisition model

A better aquisition strategy

We needed a strategy which would identify who best to target among the 80% of UK consumers who’d only switched once or not at all, and wake them up. These people were essentially the ‘latent bases’ of our competitors and extremely valuable due to their inherent ‘stickiness’. To reach them, we had to set up a direct marketing model that could decrease reliance on affiliates and drive more profitable business.

Through analysing EDF Energy’s own latent base, we found our core target audience to be older, less online-savvy and less likely to trust affiliates. They responded to traditional channels.

Cue EDF Energy’s largest ever multi-channel, fully-integrated direct marketing campaign. Spanning door drops, win-back direct mail, outbound calling follow-up, direct response press ads, online advertising and press inserts.

We helped refine the data strategy, plan the DR channel laydown (ensuring the right mix, weighting and timing) and created the communications which blended brand messaging with old-school direct techniques.

The results

Our activity smashed expectations, delivering sales 30% higher than target. And the cost per sale came in 23% lower than forecast and significantly lower than previous campaigns, making direct marketing a feasible acquisition channel for the first time in EDF Energy’s history.

The campaign also succeeded in delivering our latent target audience. In fact, post campaign research revealed that 55% of sales came from consumers who had never switched before (30% higher than target). Better still, these are high-value customers who are likely to stay with EDF Energy – 50% said they’re unlikely to switch ever again.