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Putting data and insight at the heart of new store launches

The business challenge

Waitrose know that a successful launch is critical to the continued success of a store. Therefore we wanted to use data to bring about a valuable improvement in how a Waitrose store enters a local community. We knew we could engage the potential new customers that fall within its catchment area in a more effective way.

The solution

We repurposed budget usually earmarked for broadcasting general messaging around the new store launch into a data driven insight model. Through modelling what we knew about the Waitrose and myWaitrose audiences onto our potential new audience we created more relevant marketing campaigns that focused on the key products, services or USPs that would maximises both awareness of, and engagement with, the new store. Essentially we adopted a smarter, more cost-effective approach to communicating a store opening and we were thrilled to see our work and our clients’ bravery rewarded with the breaking of store opening targets and launch performance KPIs for both sales and sign ups to the myWaitrose scheme.

The campaign covered a range of action-orientated communications, across a number of channels both on and offline, for a range of audiences; from current myWaitrose customers to completely cold prospects. Most importantly each communication or piece of content was tailored to our messaging strategy, and therefore the triggers that were most likely to make the receiving audience head in-store to experience what Waitrose had to offer.

The results

After just six weeks of the campaign, store launches were operating on average 40% above their sales target. That equated to nearly £3.5m extra revenue across the six new stores opened in 2014.