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Liz Barnsdale

IPA Bellwether Report response

The IPA released their quarterly Bellwether report and our Managing Director, Liz Barnsdale talks about what this means for direct marketing channels and what we need to focus on for 2016.

“2015 was a year of evaluation for many Marketers. With an increased emphasis on cost effectiveness marketing budgets came under close scrutiny with 'more for less' being the brief in many organisations. Direct channels have been vulnerable to cuts as they can demand significant budget, against print, infrastructure and data. However, the continued development of tech platforms to support direct marketers also means costs can be reduced without activity suffering. So budget reduction in Direct doesn't necessarily mean a decline in investment in this area. Many organisations have seen budgets spread between opex and capex as organisations invest in the tech they need.

“But to future proof Direct activity we need to remain focused on accountability throughout 2016 and beyond. The rise of email has driven a culture of softer engagement metrics which has turned many direct marketers away from shouting about the tangible business results and ROI their channels deliver for the business. We need to get back to being smarter about demonstrating bottom line results to ensure ongoing investment and growth in this area.”

Take a look at the report here

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