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How we connected O2 customers to the things they loved

The business challenge

Since 2003, O2’s strategy has been focused on putting their customers first. During our eight-year relationship with O2, we worked to deliver a customer strategy rooted in what people really care about. A strategy that sought to understand what people value and build on O2’s role as the enabler of it, making it easier for people to do more of the things they want to do.

Simply, establishing O2 as the network that connects people to the things they love. Core to this strategy was O2 Priority.

Our technical challenge was to build a digital platform to fulfil this promise. To engage our customers in O2-branded experiences and content, and to drive and convert Priority registration and data capture.

The solution

At the heart of the experience still sits, featuring a visual interface which allows quick and easy searching. But the real innovation is behind the scenes. It’s more than a website. Built with a service-layer architecture, it’s a new digital platform designed for effortless content management and delivery. Handling thousands of events, pieces of content and competitions, it’s the most advanced loyalty platform in the highly technical mobile market.

It’s flexibility allows O2 to house a range of content. From 48-hour Priority ticketing to The O2 and O2 Academies, to engaging games like O2 Rugby's Batak Duel.
But we didn’t stop at the site. With all of us visiting an average of just seven sites regularly, we needed to take Priority content to the places O2 customers already frequented.

So we developed an API that delivers information and content to while also feeding a huge variety of other places. Real-time content can be found in digital display, mobile, social and in the digital OOH space, creating a highly social ecosystem. With the website, Facebook apps, O2 Academy websites, iPhone apps and YouTube channels taking the Priority experience wherever O2 customers are.

Messaging and content is highly personalised. Customers self-preference, but they’re also profiled using browsing behaviour and their iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and histories. This allows O2 to accurately alert customers to content they’d love.

  • Tens of thousands of Priority ticketing events managed centrally and delivered seamlessly

  • An ecosystem that captures customer preferences and delivers customised experiences

  • Priority content anywhere: banner ads, mobile apps, other websites, social networking pages, in-store screens, even The O2

  • Bespoke hosting solution to deal with 9,000+ concurrent interactions on site

  • The platform actively facilitates customers contributing to, commenting on, and sharing content

The results

Ultimately, we created a platform that means customers can experience O2 Priority wherever they are. And currently a customer registers every 90 seconds.